seed collection

Our beetroot seeds are available in different packaging sizes to suit the needs of small farmers and home gardeners.

Crimson Globe

An excellent quality red beet with excellent tops that is suitable for bunching. This tuber has a purple-red colour and is capable of adapting to a wide range of climatic conditions. It is a management-friendly variety, with an extended harvest period.

Detroit Dark Red

A high-quality beetroot variety that is perfect for fresh markets. Suitable for bunching because of well-developed tops. The tuber colour is deep dark-red and well suited to summer season production. It has an extended harvest period and is management friendly.

Early Wonder

A red beet with attractive long tops that makes a good bunching and a high-quality fresh market variety. This variety grows quickly for an early market and is suitable for autumn and winter production. A management-friendly variety, with an extended harvest period.

Globe Dark Red

A high yielding and very reliable beetroot variety. It is ideal for warm climates and reaches maturity between 65 and 75 days after planting. This variety has medium-sized tops and is ideal for the fresh market, pre-packing and home gardeners.