seed collection

Our squash seeds are available in different packaging sizes to suit the needs of small farmers and home gardeners.


A standard zucchini squash that has a high yield potential. The mature fruits are suitable for home cooking and are grey green in colour. This variety adapts well to a wide range of climatic conditions and is ideal for the processing & fresh markets.

EASI 143

This is an upright growth habit zucchini variety with good straight dark green fruit and a very low spine count. It has good disease tolerance to PRSV, SLCV, WMV and ZYMV.


A gem squash variety that produces high yields. Fruits are dark green with medium-yellow flesh. It has excellent storage qualities and is highly adaptable to a variety of climatic conditions. It is an ideal variety for home gardens and the fresh market.


A butternut squash with creamy skin and orange flesh that produces high yields. A highly adaptable plant with very good storage qualities. An ideal variety for the processing & fresh markets.