seed collection

Our tomato seeds are available in different packaging sizes to suit the needs of small farmers and home gardeners.

Cal J

A processing tomato suitable for open field production. In addition to producing attractive, uniform square fruits, it also has a good taste. It has a strong determinate growth habit with a well concentrated yield.


A standard determinate variety with high yields. Plants are compact and have medium foliage coverage. The fruits have a uniform deep globe shape and a medium shelf life.


A prolific tomato variety with smooth red medium-sized fruits that are sweet in taste. It grows well in hot, humid climates and is ideal for greenhouses. The plant is very adaptable and is ready to harvest 90 days after transplant.


An excellent semi-determinate tomato with a good taste. The fruits are deep oblate to globe-shaped, and the plant has good foliage coverage. It has an extended harvest period and is management friendly.

Roma VF

A pear-shaped tomato that produces high yields. It has a good taste, and it has a strong determinate growth habit. It is management friendly with an extended harvest period.