Easiseeds Research Farm Project in the Western Cape - Phase 1

Easiseeds Research Farm Project in the Western Cape - Phase 1

Easiseeds has launched an innovative initiative to continuously provide the latest and best products in the seed industry through the establishment of a research farm in the Western Cape, South Africa. This project took place over three phases, and Phase 1 commenced in September 2022. The research farm is located in Oubaai, near George.

The primary objective of the research farm is to conduct cultivar trials and demonstrations, and it is divided into two sections: vegetables and pastures. The project enables Easiseeds to proudly deliver high-quality products to its African customers.

The research farm serves as a testing ground for different genetics to ensure they meet the stringent Easiseeds product standards, as well as the climate and farming conditions of our customer base. Through this process, the best cultivars are selected to continiously improve and expand the Easiseeds product range.

The trials planted on the research farm are season-bound. Due to the favorable moderate climate in George, both summer and winter crops can be planted and tested. In Phase 1, a variety of 50 summer vegetable crops were planted on November 25, 2022, including the new Easiseeds Summer Seed Starter Pack, which consists of three main lines and five bonus lines.

The research farm project is notably unique because Easiseeds has also constructed two vegetable tunnels on the premises. While the research farm makes provision for open-field production, the tunnels are made available to demonstrate the cultivation of vegetables under protection. This showcases the differences between seed crops in different production methods.

The tunnels are highly technologically advanced, with a high-density plastic roof, and the sides of the tunnels are covered with insect-proof netting to control pests. The tunnel structure is also designed to support plants such as tomatoes and bell peppers by allowing them to hang. The tunnels are very sturdy and can reach heights of up to 4 meters to withstand extreme heat and cold climates, depending on the season. Two tunnel sizes, measuring 12x12 meters and 21x10 meters respectively, have been installed on the farm. These tunnels will then also be made available for purchase by small-scale and commercial vegetable farmers, enabling them to implement tunnel production with these technologically advanced structures on their own farms.

The entire research farm project is done in collaboration with Dr. Abel Bezuidenhout, who made the property available to Easiseeds. Easiseeds and Dr. Bezuidenhout share the goal of giving back to the community, and as part of the agreement, all proceeds from the Easiseeds trials will be donated to Dr. Bezuidenhout, who will distribute the produce to the less fortunate in the area.