seed collection

Our carrot seeds are available in different packaging sizes to suit the needs of small farmers and home gardeners.

Cape Market

A variety with well-formed tops that make it ideal for bunching. It has an orange root colour and is tolerant of high rainfall conditions as well as Alternaria dauci.

Chantenay Karoo

This quality carrot is ideal for home gardens. Most suitable for autumn planting and is adaptable to a wide range of soil types. In addition to being crack-tolerant, it is management-friendly and has an extended harvesting period.


A carrot with an attractive deep orange root colour that is ideal for the fresh market. It is highly adaptable to various climatic conditions, has good tolerance to Alternaria dauci and has an extended harvesting period.


A high-quality standard carrot for the pre-packaging market. It has a deep orange root colour and is cylindrical in shape. It is a good performer in sand-loam soils and tolerates early bolting well.