seed collection

Our pea seeds are available in different packaging sizes to suit the needs of small farmers and home gardeners.


A fresh market snap pea with a high yield potential. The pods are bright green and fibre-free and a great choice for the pre-packing market. It is a widely adaptable variety with a concentrated harvest period.


A high-yielding fresh market and canning pea. Each pod contains 6 to 7 attractive fresh green kernels. An extremely adaptable variety with a reasonably well-concentrated harvest period. An ideal green pea for home gardens.

Oregon Sugar Pod

A high-quality snow pea with large, smooth, green pods with blunt ends. It can grow in a wide range of climatic conditions, has a long harvest period, and is easy to manage. This variety is ideal for pre-packing and home gardening.

Sugar Snap

A fresh market snap pea that can produce high yields. The pods are attractive, medium green and fibre-free. It is an excellent choice for cooking and freezing. This variety has a well concentrated harvest period and is widely adapted.